SASKATOON -- Bob Wilson says he added a second lock on the gate into his backyard after his neighbour’s home got broken into.

He thinks the extra lock might have been the reason his shed wasn’t set on fire over the weekend, but his neighbours weren’t as lucky.

“That’s why in all probability, someone who tried the gate couldn’t get in,” he said.

His neighbour’s shed appeared to have been destroyed from the inside.

Fire crews were called to Bell Crescent, in Nutana Park, on Saturday at 2 a.m to respond to the fire.

When crews arrived, the flames from the shed had spread to a fence that lines Wilson’s property.

Crews then noticed another shed on fire two houses down – both fires were deemed suspicious by the Saskatoon Fire Department because of how close they were to each other.

While no injuries were reported, most concerning is one of the fires happened in a space where kids play.

“It was a tree house, more or less,” Wilson said.

Two other fires were also considered suspicious: one Saturday night on Avenue H South and the other early Tuesday morning in a garage on Avenue M South.

That’s four suspicious fires in as many days.

While a restoration crew finishes removing debris, Wilson is thankful the fire didn’t spread.

“It could’ve been worse, could’ve been a lot lot worse,” he said.