Following the deadliest attacks on Sri Lanka in the island-country’s history, a Buddhist monk born and raised in Sri Lanka is calling for compassion at a time when many are angry and seeking justice.

“My teacher asked us to be kind, compassionate and loving towards all beings, the victims and the terrorists too,” said Bhante, a Buddhist monk residing in a meditation centre south of Saskatoon.

“We are really sorry about the violence in Sri Lanka and we are really sorry for the people who were killed in this disaster.”

But while many are calling for justice and revenge, Bhante urges divisive thoughts and behaviours be put aside.

“If someone does something bad absolutely they accumulate bad karma and that affects their suffering. They will also be suffering from this disaster,” Bhante said. "No violence anymore, develop compassion toward all beings, may this world be peaceful."

Bhante is holding a special prayer ceremony at the meditation centre Monday evening and encourages anyone who has been touched by the disaster to attend.