A Saskatoon man says he is lucky to be alive following a terrifying home invasion over the weekend.

Kody Smith was sound asleep early Saturday morning when two men busted down his door demanding money. One man was holding a pistol, the other a machete.

“They probably would have killed me if I didn’t get out of this house,” Smith said.

As the men, who police describe as wearing bandanas over their faces, demanded Smith give up money they thought he was hiding, one of the invaders headed down into the basement. That’s when Smith saw a window of opportunity to escape.

“He’s blocking the door with his machete and I’m thinking this guy is huge, but the other guy is down in the basement,” Smith said.

“The only way I’m going to get out of this alive is if I get the machete out of his hands.”

So Smith got up, approached the man and grabbed the machete by the blade and tried to wrestle the weapon out of his hands.

“As soon as I grabbed the blade I could feel blood dripping down my hand,” Smith said.

That’s when the second attacker ran back upstairs and hit Smith with his pistol. Stunned, Smith reached for the door and the machete came down and nearly took his thumb off.

Smith said he managed to escape after popping open the side gate of his home. He ran down the street with few clothes on, knocking on doors and calling out for help.

Eventually someone let him in and police and paramedics were quickly called over.

Smith spent a day at St. Paul’s Hospital and was released Sunday.

Police are on the lookout for two men in relation to the incident and ask anyone with information to contact them.