The Saskatoon Folk Fest is celebrating its 40th anniversary by celebrating the colourful multiculturalism of the city.

Venues were spread out all around the city hosting pavilions from different countries selling food, drinks, wares, and even putting on performances.

Folkfest executive director Terresa DeMong was excited to be a part of the festival this year, getting to highlight its history and the decades of volunteers that have helped share culture throughout Saskatoon.

“We’ve had over 50 different cultures participate, 100,000 volunteers, and a million passports” DeMong said.

The Chinese pavilion is one of the many cultures on display at the festival this year. Co-manager Shirley Zhou has been involved with the festival for 15 years, and said she stays involved after meeting someone special there.

“I met my husband, the most significant person in my life, in 2004 at the Folkfest Chinese pavilion. I think that’s why we continue to help Folkfest, to continue to get involved.”

The Lions arena saw the Chinese, Japanese, and Cameroon pavilions proudly display and demonstrate different aspects of their culture as the people came in to experience different cultures, or celebrate their own.

Japanese pavilion manager Jim Hinatsu says he’s already seen plenty of good responses this year.

“Last night was tremendous. The crowds were really lively, and they really were engaged with the entertainment that all the pavilions were providing, and we had a lot of fun.”

The festival ran this year from August 15 to the 17.