A Saskatoon family is devastated after losing the house they were living in and all of their belongings after a fire in the Pleasant Hill neighbourhood on Wednesday afternoon.

Bertha Asapace has seven kids, including three-week-old twins.

She had a C-section and has a hard time moving around.

Although she and her family all managed to escape the fire, they are now left to pick up the pieces and find a way to rebuild their life.

Asapace said they lost everything in the fire.

“[The firefighters] said everything will be contaminated, you can't take anything. I was like 'I need my Pampers, I need their bottles, they have nothing.'”

Asapace said she was sleeping with her twins when the fire alarm went off.

She said smoke was coming out of her boys’ bedroom where the mattress was on fire.

Asapace said she only had time to save her children.

“I was like you guys got to get out and I grabbed everything, I didn't even have shoes on or pants. My kids didn't even have clothes, my girls didn't even have clothes.”

Asapace has been renting the house in the 100 block of Avenue U South since January and she did not have insurance.

Now, she and her children are staying at her mother’s boyfriend’s house. In total, 12 people are staying there.

Asapace’s niece, Khrista Kakum, said there isn’t enough space for everyone.

“Here, we're sleeping on double beds, I'm sleeping with the twins, her one-year-old daughter and then my son on one bed. Then, she's sleeping with her two daughters on the other bed then my grandma is sleeping with the boys on her bed.”

Asapace said she spoke to a social worker who gave her a $100 voucher. She was also told that she could stay at a shelter but five kids is the limit.

“That is such a slap in the face,” said Kakum.

So, Kakum decided to start a GoFundMe page.

“I started it up just so that she can have some kind of closure just to know that there are people out there that will help her so that she's not stressing about tomorrow's food or what they're going to wear.”

The fire department said a faulty electrical outlet is to blame. Damage is estimated at $80,000.

In the meantime, Asapace said she hopes to get some more support for housing and for milk and diapers.