Over eight decades after first opening its doors, a barbershop in downtown Saskatoon has no plans to slow down.

The City Park Barbershop performed its first haircut in 1933. Other than a move from the front of the building to the side, the business has been in the same location since the beginning.

Jodie Thompson took over the barbershop last year after about 27 years working in the industry.

“I love the location, the atmosphere and the size,” Thompson said. “It’s very homey and everybody’s friendly.”

Some clients have been frequenting the barbershop for decades, including its previous owner.

“Kurt, who I bought it from, he came here,” Thompson said. “That's his jacket, the leather one up on the wall.”

Thompson works alongside Rochelle Lemaigre, an independent contractor at the barbershop, who offers straight razor shaves, a new service for the business.

As Thompson cut the hair of one of her longtime clients, she said many of them feel like family.

“I give them a hard time. I tease all the clients – all ages – and they dish it right back.”