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Saskatoon app aims to 'save lives' by helping sexually exploited youth

Egadz has relaunched its app “I am not 4 sale,” which aims to connect and support sexually exploited and abused youth in Saskatoon and beyond.

The free app has new features which include access to a fake ringtone, the ability to report violent offenders, access to a list of emergency contacts and the ability to share your location with Egadz staff 24/7 for help.

“The ultimate purpose of this app is to save lives,” said Push Interactions CEO Chad Jones.

In partnership with Push Interactions, a team of eight youth helped with the update of the app by suggesting certain features and colours that would be subtle in case of emergencies.

Egadz executive director Don Miekle says the soft blue and light pink colours were picked with dangerous situations in mind.

“It used to be bright pink. You want a colour that’s kind of dull and the person in the vehicle or the person who’s attempting to assault them aren’t gonna notice,” Miekle said during a press conference on Friday.

While the app is geared towards youth, all genders and all ages can use the app to seek help and has no geographical limit.

Users who press the “help me” button on the homepage of the app will be able to connect with Egadz staff right away and access confidential non-judgemental resources.

Miekle hopes the timely services will prevent youth from entering sex trades.

“All young people, download this app and if they’re in trouble or want to self-harm or are in a bad situation, call us and we’ll respond,” he said.

Miekle says children who enter the sex trade start as young as 14 and will die if services aren’t available to help them.

“Human trafficking is here and we see it on TV all the time. We constantly lose kids and hopefully, this will save one kid. If we can save one kid, this has been worth it, we want to save hundreds.”

The app is available for free on Android and the Apple Store. Top Stories

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