Saskatchewan’s federal electoral boundaries could be changing.

A new electoral map is in the works. It would change every riding in the province.

The biggest changes would be to the urban-rural split ridings. In the new map, most ridings would be exclusively urban or rural, which means changes for most Saskatoon and Regina residents.

Saskatoon would move from four ridings to three, but those three would become exclusively urban. Similarily, Regina would now have two exclusively urban ridings, with one riding staying an urban-rural split.

David McGrane, a political science professor with the University of Saskatchewan, says the move is good for Saskatchewan residents. “I think in a lot of ways these new ridings represent the new Saskatchewan that is emerging. One with a large urban population and a vibrant rural population as well.”

While some ridings will become bigger in terms of area, like the proposed riding of Kindersley-Rosetown-Humboldt, McGrane says that’s not going to be a problem for representation.

“In terms of large ridings now, it’s not 1920 where we have to go on horse and buggy and slow cars. The fact of the matter is, with Skype and smartphones and increased technology, it’s very easy to get in touch with MPs and MPs can be in many places at one time. “

The proposed map still has to go under review. The first public hearing will be in Regina on September 17. For more information on the proposed changes, visit the Federal Electoral Districts Commission here.