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Sask. woman claims her elderly father was assaulted at a Warman care home


A Saskatchewan woman says her elderly father is suffering from a brain bleed after he was assaulted at his care home in Warman.

Charmaine Macooh claims her 92-year-old father was hit at Diamond House on Feb. 5.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) says the Ministry of Health is conducting a review of the incident.

"I certainly can't comment on what occurred in the personal care home," John Ash, SHA vice-president for integrated Saskatoon health, told CTV News.

"Personal care homes are regulated by the Ministry of Health and they were notified of an incident and they're conducting their review."

Macooh believes the man who allegedly hit her father is a patient who was brought into the facility, under a new agreement between Diamond House and the SHA.

In November, in an effort to deal with hospital overcapacity, the SHA asked care homes to take on some patients.

The health authority made an agreement with Diamond House to host up to 30 acute care patients.

Ash said the patients who transfer from the hospital into Diamond House "don't require to be in a hospital," but need some medical care and "assistance with daily living."

Diamond House has discretion over which patients it takes, according to the SHA.

Diamond House in Warman, March 28, 2024. (Dan Shingoose / CTV News)

Macooh is calling for better screening of hospital patients who transfer into a care home setting.

"We actually meet with, and review, each and every case file with Diamond House to ensure it's an appropriate patient for that care environment," Ash said.

"Diamond House, in that review, will agree or disagree. If they disagree, we're not sending the patient to that care environment. We make every effort to make sure it's a good fit."

Macooh's father lived at Diamond House for the past four years and was paying more than $4,800 a month.

Macooh transferred him out of the facility following the alleged assault.

CTV News has contacted Diamond House for comment. Top Stories

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