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Sask. Penitentiary placed guards on leave after alleged assault, FSIN says


According to the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN), four correctional officers were placed on leave after allegedly assaulting an inmate at Saskatchewan Penitentiary.

The FSIN says earlier in November, Kihiw Fourstar was taken to the prison's medical unit due to the alleged assault.

During a news conference in Saskatoon on Thursday, Darla Fourstar needed consoling after talking about the treatment of her son.

“My child wasn't in a safe place. It's a mother's worst nightmare," she said.

“He told me that out of nowhere they rushed into his cell and had beaten him, leaving him with a busted skull,” said Fourstar.

FSIN second vice-chief Dutch Lerat told reporters the organization conducted an investigation and believes the allegations are factual. He acknowledged the leadership at Saskatchewan Penitentiary and Correctional Service Canada (CSC) for their transparency and decisive actions.

“We have learned that prior to our involvement, the Saskatchewan Penitentiary leadership had already acted on this incident, initiating an investigation through the RCMP and placing the four guards on administrative leave,” Lerat said.

CTV News has reached out to CSC for comment.

Lerat says the incident reflects greater concerns about the treatment of Indigenous people in correctional centres.

“We have received complaints from inmates that detailed incidents of physical mental and physical abuse, denial of access for equitable treatment surrounding both mental and health issues,” he said.

Fourstar claims her son received more abuse from guards before being transferred to Stony Mountain Correctional Centre.

“Before leaving Sask. Pen, guards violently stripped him, and twisted his arms and legs touching the back of his head,” she said.

She says he’s also been denied medication for mental health issues.

“There's underpinning issues here that we have been lobbying for many decades to address,” said FSIN Executive Director of Justice Jason Stonechild.

“Systemic processes that can be viewed as systemic racism, and over-representation of First Nations people in custody.”

Fourstar says her son has been left feeling depressed and empty.

“It's hard for a mother to hear all this, and I hope that no one ever goes through what Kihiw went through,” she said. Top Stories

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