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Sask. Paralympian reacts to medal compensation announcement


PRINCE ALBERT – A Paralympic is feeling optimistic following a recent Canadian Paralympic Committee announcement that Paralympians will receive the same compensation Canadian Olympians receive for medal wins.

Paralympians will receive $20,000 for gold medal wins, $15,000 for silver medal wins, and $10,000 for Bronze medal wins. This is the same pay structure that Canadian Olympians receive.

“I just feel hopeful for future Paralympians and the growth of Paralympic sport and what that means for the Paralympic movement,” said Brittany Hudak, a Paralympian who competes in biathlon and cross-country skiing.

“It just makes me think that people have finally recognized that it is equal.”

Launel Scott, executive director of Spinal Cord Injury Saskatchewan said recognizing Paralympians is an important part of the inclusion of people with disabilities.

She said she hopes this announcement will increase awareness of athletes competing with disabilities and lead to an equitable playing field.

“Hopefully it will indicate to the broader community who Olympians are and why it is important,” Scott said.

Hudak said this announcement will help encourage future Paralympians that they are just as deserving as Olympians, regardless of their disabilities.

“You can’t always focus on the things that you are missing, you need to focus on the things that you do have,” Hudak said. Top Stories

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