SASKATOON -- The province is expanding its COVID-19 wage supplement to include workers in long-term care and assisting living facilities.

Anyone working at a licensed public or private long-term care facility where a public health order is in place restricting visitors will be eligible, regardless of income level, the provincial government said in a news release on Thursday.

Also, staff at assisted-living facilities under a public health order who earn under $24.00 an hour will be eligible for the program. The worker's total earnings must be under $2,500 over the four-week period for which the worker has applied for the supplement, the province said.

The supplement will also be expanded to private daycares and approved private day homes.

Private daycares and approved private service homes will be eligible for the supplement, the province said.

The provincial government announced the supplement program in April, a $400 per month temporary wage supplement intended to help workers in a variety of care settings such full-time and part-time caregivers, cooks and cleaners.