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Sask. first responder warns shoveling poses a risk to those with heart problems


With Monday’s significant snowfall in many parts of the province, the order of the day Tuesday was snow removal.

The urge to get out and clear snow should be done with caution after a dump of the white stuff that could prove to be risky for your health.

For homeowner Ken Larson, tackling a big dump of heavy, drifting snow is a priority.

“Well, it blows in from the northwest and I was hoping to blow it out, but this will have to be the snow blower,” Larson told CTV News.

The City of Saskatoon said it had received 18 centimetres of snow since Sunday, but because of the high wind, some areas have more accumulations and it’s packed in.

“On that side of the cove they’ll get snowed in, this side will get snowed in because once we get the northwest wind, we’re hooped,” Joe Yankoski said.

For homeowner Ken Larson, tackling a big dump of heavy, drifting snow is a priority. (Calrla Shynkaruk/CTV News)

Snow removal companies like Eco Earthworks and Snow Removal have been busy fielding calls since Monday.

No complaints from owner Demetrius Terleski who says, bring it on.

“Ya, always more snow.”

With a winter that didn’t start until early January, Terleski’s taking it all in on a week like this.

“You end up with a lot more calls but sometimes it’s hard to fit them in, a lot of people want it all done at the same time,” Terleski said.

It’s over eager snow shovellers that Medavie Health Services West is concerned with.

"That is literally the worst type of snow conditions for anyone who has had a cardiac history, anyone who's had a previous heart attack or cardiac episode,” Troy Davies with Medavie told CTV News.

“Due to the fact that the wind has packed the snow down so basically you are lifting weights.”

He recommends taking breaks to avoid injury.

“With our Saskatchewan pride we have people who want to get out there and just shovel everything and get it done and not take breaks,” he said.

With a winter that didn’t start until early January, Terleski’s taking it all in on a week like this. (Carla Shynkaruk/CTV News)

City of Saskatoon crews meanwhile are working on priority one and two streets.

While crews clear their areas, a reminder that snow from in front of properties needs to be cleared within 48 hours. It's $100 for the first offense if you don’t do it and $200 for the second violation, then it just goes up from there.

It doesn’t look like those we spoke to today run the risk of not getting their snow cleared but the challenge will be moderation with more snow in the forecast for the weekend in some areas.

The city does not include residential street clearing in the regular winter maintenance strategy. Top Stories

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