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Sask. Conservative MPs opposition to conversion therapy ban 'embarrassing and disheartening'


Jack Saddleback says it’s “absolutely embarrassing and disheartening” that 13 of 14 Conservative MPs in Saskatchewan voted against Bill C-6.

“This just goes to show that something doesn’t correlate when it comes to talking the talk of trying to stand up for 2sLGBTQ citizens and actually walking the walk. What we’re seeing is that there is no respect for the 2sLGBTQS community. Our rights and our freedoms,” said Saddleback, the co-interim director of OUTSaskatoon.

Bill C-6 seeks to restrict the harmful practice of conversion therapy for LGBTQ2S+ people.

It passed third reading in Parliament on June 22 by a vote of 263-63 with all but one of Saskatchewan’s 14 Conservative MPs opposed.

Several Conservative MPs and the Conservative Party of Canada did not respond to requests for comment.

On Monday, the Senate passed Bill C-6 from second reading into the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee where a study is to be conducted before it could advance further.

As of Tuesday evening, the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee had yet to schedule meetings to begin studying Bill C-6. The bill could die if it is not passed before the Senate’s summer break and an election is called.

Despite frustrations with Saskatchewan MPs, Saddleback said hearing C-6 is another step closer to being passed is great news.

“Bill C-6 at the federal level is a huge win when it comes to the 2SLGBTQ community in knowing that our country sees us, our country stands with us when ensuring we can our full living our full, free, and authentic selves.”

Saddleback said even once the bill passes he still thinks work needs to be put in by politicians to make a clear stance.

“I certainly do think that all of our parties in the province need to show up for all citizens, especially those that are placed in vulnerable and often violent situations due to simply being who we are,” Saddleback said. Top Stories

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