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Sask. Advocate for Children and Youth 'deeply concerned' about allegations facing private Christian school

The Saskatchewan Advocate for Children and Youth says she is deeply concerned about allegations involving the Legacy Christian Academy (LCA) scandal.

In an emailed statement, Lisa Broda says she has been monitoring the various allegations made by former students against teachers at LCA, formerly Christian Centre Academy and has been in touch with the Ministry of Education to access preliminary information before carefully considering the next steps.

“The magnitude of the allegations of abuse that have surfaced over the past few weeks is very troubling and, though these matters will be worked out through the police investigation and court processes, it is critical to ensure that while the investigation is ongoing, children returning to school in the fall are doing so in a safe environment,” Broda said.

“With the upcoming school year approaching, my immediate concern is to ensure that, in the current context, young people are safe and protected in all three independent schools impacted.”

Broda also said that young people have the right to be protected from harm and all school should be a place where children and youth can safely develop and be educated.

“There is a high onus for accountability on institutions, such as schools, that hold significant authority over children and youth for such a substantial portion of their lives.”

Even though the statement of claim will be processed through the justice system, the statement said the Ministry of Education is also expected to exercise due diligence “in its responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of the children and youth receiving services pursuant to The Education Act and its Regulations.”

Last week, the province said LCA, along with two other schools that employ individuals named in the lawsuit, will have a ministry administrator appointed.

“Student safety is of the utmost importance, and we take all allegations and complaints seriously. We have taken action to ensure that all students can feel safe, protected and respected no matter what school they attend,” Education Minister Dustin Duncan said in a news release at the time.

The release from the Children and Youth advocate applauded the move to appoint administrators as a move in the right direction but said it remains to be seen if the changes will do enough.

“My office will be assessing all information provided to me and, again, will methodically consider the next steps in our review,” Broda said.

Former students of LCA have recently come forward alleging that staff routinely paddled students and engaged in "controlling and abusive" behaviour — including a "gay exorcism."

The proposed class action lawsuit alleges sexual abuse also occurred in connection with the school.

Saskatoon Police Service has confirmed an investigation into historical claims involving students has been turned over to Crown prosecutors. Top Stories

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