The Saskatchewan town of Colonsay received a financial boost following a retired farmer’s donation.

Herb Shier lended a quarter section of his land to the Colonsay recreation board. The canola grown on Shier’s land sold for more than $60,000.

“It’s just an idea and we did it. We had to volunteer everything - seed, fertilizer, people to seed it,” the 91-year-old man said at his Saskatoon retirement home.

Shier was born in Colonsay in 1927. There, he raised five children with his late wife, Gudrun, and spent most of his life volunteering for the community.

"I admire Herb so much. Besides being a farmer, a father to five kids and a grandfather to I don’t know how many – you know, the community feels he belongs to us,” Colonsay resident Faye Hobman said.

In Colonsay, Shier served as an executive on nearly every board or committee.

“He’s a community man, always visible in this town and always in a good mood. I just don’t know anyone else like that,” said Gerald Yausie, another resident.

Shier was also a bingo caller and caretaker for the Community Hall.

“If something spilled, he'd be cleaning it up. And if it was too hot, he'd be turning the thermostat. He was always tuning the place up," Yausie said.

Shier said helping his hometown is something he has always felt inclined to do.

Herb Shier is a recipient of CTV’s Hometown Heroes. He was nominated anonymously.