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Rattlers' first black uniform added to rotation


The Saskatchewan Rattlers showed off their Star Blanket jerseys against the Calgary Surge, on June 20, looking good on the court despite a loss.

The uniforms still have a winning record though, as they were debuted last season.

“Last season it was debuted on our Truth and Reconciliation night,” said Brennan Elliott, director of brand & communications with the Saskatchewan Rattlers. “I think that was June 25 if memory serves me correct. We showcased it four times last season, and we actually ended up having a perfect record.”

The Star Blanket jersey is the team’s first black uniform. It uses the green and wheat from the original Rattlers colours and a star blanket featured prominently on the crest with the Rattlers logo in the middle.

The designer, Tristen Amyotte considered a variety of options with the help of Christine Marie from Awasis Boutique and Saskatoon Tribal Council Chief Mark Arcand.

“They were not only supportive but also got the early looks at the design of the jersey,” said Elliott.

Amyotte came up with jerseys that were orange, and ones that incorporated the medicine wheel, but he and the team decided on a black jersey with the star blanket.

(John Flatters/CTV News)

“I always grew up with the star blanket in my household,” said Amyotte. “It was always gifted to people, whether they accomplished something throughout their lifetime. So it was always a huge honour to receive a star blanket.”

The Cree word for snake is written above the star blanket logo. Amyotte says he hopes this uniform will instill pride.

“I want our elders and our youth to be able to look at the jersey, and see and feel a sense of pride when they do see the jersey,” he said. “And if they do, I feel like we’re moving in the right direction.”

While Amyotte is no longer working with the Rattlers, he’s still involved in basketball. He started a grassroots clothing brand promoting youth participation in sports and is a development coach at White Buffalo youth Lodge for anyone aged 13 to 18.

“It’s totally free for them to come by,” said Amyotte. “But if they’re willing to come in and put in the extra work to get better at their craft, that’s what I really enjoy.

His basketball brand is called Nisto Ball Athletics. With the two avenues in basketball, Amyotte hopes to show kids the parallels between sports and life.

“I understand that not everybody’s going to be a professional athlete when they grow up,” he said. “So we’ve got to teach them the skills that they’re going to be able to carry out into the real world. Whether it’s in the workplace or in school. I want them to carry those skills and values so that they can challenge themselves in the real world, and I think through basketball we’re able to do that.”

The Saskatchewan Rattlers store downtown is restocked with Star Blanket jerseys after selling out their first batch. Top Stories

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