PRINCE ALBERT -- Prince Albert Liberal candidate Estelle Hjertaas says her signs have been sliced in half, driven over by vehicles, and many have disappeared.

“Volunteers have put in hours and hours of time driving all across the riding to put signs and pounding in posts. It’s frustrating for them to go back and see that they’re gone,” said Hjertaas.

Election signs are considered private property.

According to Saskatchewan RCMP, the malicious removal or vandalism of an election sign is a criminal offence.

Anyone found willfully removing or damaging signs could be charged with mischief or theft under the Criminal Code.

The Canada Elections Act also prohibits the destruction of election signs.

Anyone who interferes with election advertising and found guilty could face penalties of a $5,000 fine, up to six months of jail time or both.

Hjertaas said signs have always been an important part of the political process and an important way for candidates to put their names in front of voters.

“People vandalizing signs are attacking our democratic process and freedom of speech, among the most fundamental of the freedoms we value in our democracy.”

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