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CTV Saskatoon | Dayminder - Community Events from Saskatoon and surrounding areas


CTV Saskatoon is proud to support non-for-profit community and charitable organizations.

To submit an event for potential on-air promotion, please send the following details by email to

  • Event name
  • Date of event
  • Location
  • Name of organizer
  • Email address and phone number of organizer

We thank you for choosing CTV Saskatoon to help promote your event and wish you great success!

Please note: Due to the large number of submissions we receive, we are unable to respond to every submission.

Saskatoon Top Stories

Gallagher mother pleads for support for victim's family

The family of Megan Gallagher, who went missing in September 2020, stood outside of provincial court Thursday morning disappointed after four of the people charged in Gallagher’s death had their matters adjourned and attendances waived.

Sask. school division sees rapid growth

The school division encompassing communities around Saskatoon has seen an increase of 220 students this fall, far outpacing the expected growth, according to a press release. Top Stories

Which sponsors have pulled support for Hockey Canada?

Pressure appears to be mounting on Hockey Canada from both top corporate sponsors and political leaders, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggesting that if the national hockey governing body continues to resist calls for change, the organization could be replaced. Several corporate sponsors have confirmed pulling their support. Here's what they have said about their decisions.