The City of Saskatoon is looking at paying someone $80,000 a year to handle parking ticket complaints.

The customer support coordinator will respond to parking ticket inquires and build a database to track complaints.

Staff from various city business departments respond to the parking service line, the city says.

A dedicated position will relieve those employees from working overtime to keep up with parking ticket inquiries, the city says.

“The intent of the position is to have more of a one-stop person who is, not so much trained in all the nuances of parking, but trained in providing problem solving services to citizens – to make the process more efficient and effective,” Mayor Charlie Clark said.

In 2017, the city says it received 7,046 calls about parking – not including calls on the Way-To-Park app.

The city generates more than $11 million annually from parking meters and tickets.

The position salary will be paid through parking meter money and tickets.

“It would be funded entirely by parking revenue, not by taxpayers' dollars,” Clark said.

Councillors discussed the customer support coordinator position Monday afternoon in a committee meeting. The job still needs to be approved by city council.