SASKATOON -- Camponi Development Corporation, a non-profit builder, plans to build a 164-unit building for affordable rental housing on Hart Road near Highway 7.

Priority will be given to Metis families and then Indigenous families with some non-Indigenous also included.

The project's executive director, Toby Esterby, says it addresses what he calls a crisis with the lack of quality housing for Indigenous people.

Camponi has head concerns over traffic flow, but that shouldn't be a huge issue because vehicle ownership will be significantly lower for the families in this development compared to other areas, he said.

“Our internal study of our tenants found that vehicle ownership is pegged at 34 per cent.”

The housing will be close to transit and within walking distance of services.

The land borders the Blairmore Business Area to the north and east and is currently zoned for low or medium density housing.

It is in the process of being rezoned, a decision to be made by City Council on Monday.

The city has received several letters about the proposed development, saying it will lower surrounding property values.

Camponi hopes to have the first phase of the project complete in 2022 and the entire development done in 2025.