Students dreaming of being a doctor might be facing a longer road to their degree if they choose to study here at home.

The University of Saskatchewan’s Faculty of Medicine council passed a vote last night in favour of changing their entrance requirements. The school wants to see every applicant complete a four year degree before applying to medicine.

The current requirement is only two years of undergrad study, but students have to have outstanding GPAs. According to the university, students took advantage of the current system and took an overload of introductory level courses to boost their marks.

By requiring all students to take a four year degree, the college said it’s leveling the playing field, as well as making sure the College of Medicine gets quality applicants.

“It’s on balance, it’s fair, and it’s transparent,” Barry Ziola, director of admissions for the college said. “It delivers us a product that’s better educated, a little older and more mature.”

The decision isn’t final – it still needs to go through the university council and the senate for the final OK.

“I’d like to think we’ve done a good job here and hopefully the university council and the senate view it the same way,” Ziola said.