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Last stop for Saskatoon Christmas lights tour staple after 15 years


In the dark days of winter, one home in Nutana has been a guiding light.

One man, with some help from family, puts on a Christmas lights extravaganza.

“It's fun. I enjoy it. I enjoy the setup,” said Scott Lambie.

For 15 years Scott Lambie and his wife Shelly have been putting on Clinkskill Christmas Lights. A lights spectacle providing entertainment to people passing by. It is no small task with 85,000 different lights with six networks and a ton power cords.

“It’s a rat’s nest,” he says with a smile.

He estimates his power bill is only an additional $60 bucks in the 40 days he has them on, which he credits to using LED lights. His work was recognized recently during Question Period at the Legislative Building.

“Every year something magical takes place in Saskatoon Eastview, at the home of Scott and Shelly Lambie, something so special it attract thousands of visitors from Saskatoon and beyond” said Saskatoon Eastivew MLA Matt Love.

The years have gone on and the lights have gotten brighter, but they will soon be going out — for good.

“This is our final year. It's just too hard on me to do it now,” said Lambie.

Lambie and family members start working on the Christmas lights show in September and wait until after Halloween to put everything up, before running on a test on November 18th. The work may have piled up for him but what Lambie will remember is the memories.

“Meeting people that I hadn't seen in 20 years, or people I worked with when I worked at MacDonald’s when I was a kid. They'll come by,” said Lambie.

Lambie says he can now go away for Christmas if he wants.

The display runs until January 8th. Top Stories

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