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Sask. mechanic discovers kitten inside engine during oil change


An injured kitten is in recovery after being found in an engine during an oil change at a Prince Albert automotive dealership.

Service technicians at Lakeland Hyundai noticed something unusual when a customer brought in a vehicle last Friday.

“We both heard this really awful sound, and she just came for an oil change, so I didn’t think it was anything mechanical,” Kianna Daniels, service advisor with the dealership told CTV News.

Daniels popped the hood and found the kitten’s paw stuck in the engine.

“It did have a little burn on its fur and it was limping a bit, but other than that it was fine,” she said.

She called her co-worker over to help rescue the kitten. She estimates it had been in the car for at least 20 minutes, since the customer lives out of town.

Ryan Monczunski, sales manager with Lakeland Hyundai, said it’s not uncommon for small animals such as kittens, mice and squirrels to warm up by an engine as temperatures drop.

“When you get in your vehicle, especially in September, October, November, give it a couple of honks that'll scare whatever it is in there before you start your car up,” he said.

Shortly after they found the kitten, Monczunski’s wife picked it up and took it to the vet. He said a service advisor has decided to give it a new home.

“It’s getting its complete physical at the vet today, and she going to adopt it. It’s pretty exciting,” he said in an interview on Tuesday. Top Stories

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