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'Just really frustrating': Prince Albert wrestling club has van, equipment stolen


The Prince Albert Wrestling Club is now without its 15-seat van after manager Roxanne Richards says it was stolen earlier this week.

“We use this van to transport athletes for tournaments and competitions, and it's full of training gear and uniforms and everything else that we need for our competition,” she said.

Richards says after sharing her story on social media, pictures of the van and its whereabouts have been coming in, and at one point it was seen at Christopher Lake.

Now, she says, the hard part is finding someone who can get the van back.

“The frustrating part was when I called the RCMP they said that they can't help us because it was reported [stolen] in Prince Albert,” said Richards.

“So I called Prince Albert police, and they said since it's out of PA, I have to phone RCMP. So I'm not really sure who's supposed to help us.”

Richards says Prince Albert Police told her it will try to connect with RCMP to help them search for the van.

Now the members of the club, aged six through 26, are stuck without transportation and equipment.

“Do the kids miss a tournament because of it? Probably, because we can't get them there. A lot of the kids’ parents are busy and they're working, so they rely on us to take them,” said Richards.

She says the wrestling equipment in the van was worth thousands of dollars and isn’t easily replaced.

“It's just really frustrating,” she said.

“Somebody goes and takes something like that, and for whatever reason they did it. I don't know if they realize that it affects so many people and soo many kids.” Top Stories

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