Gasps and a cry of “Oh my God” were heard in the Court of Queen’s Bench when a judge ruled that Eunice Wudrich was not guilty on Friday afternoon.

The foster mother was charged with criminal negligence causing death after 22-month-old Evander Daniels drowned in a bathtub in her home on June 8, 2010.

The toddler had been left in the tub for an undetermined amount of time while Wudrich was discussing another foster child with her husband.

The judge told the courtroom that he did not believe beyond a reasonable doubt that Wudrich's actions showed wanton and wreckless disregard for Daniels' life.

He said he hoped this tragic event would sent a message to all parents and foster parents about the vigilance necessary when caring for children.

Outside of the courthouse, Wudrich said she needed time to process the decision. "I'll contact you in a week once I've had a chance to process this. Thank God," she said.

Daniels' father, Chris Martel, was also present at the decision, and said the ruling brings no closure.

"It's a nightmare and I'm still waiting to get up. I'm in shock," Martel said.

"Anything I say can't bring Evander back."

Both the defence and the Crown said echoed the judge's words about this tragedy serving as a reminder for parents about the importance of vigilent care.