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'I would do it all over again': Prince Albert firefighter wins bronze at international hockey tournament

A Prince Albert firefighter has been given a chance to take to the ice internationally.

Bailey Habscheid, 30, has worked as a firefighter in Prince Albert for three years. She was previously a firefighter in Yellowknife for a year and a half and a paramedic and volunteer firefighter in her hometown of Swift Current.

She shares she is passionate about firefighting and hockey and is happy to be able to do both.

“If you are passionate about something, career-wise or hobbies or whatever don’t be scared to go for it. When something comes up take it. You only have one life to live,” said Habscheid.

She took the opportunity to play for Luxembourg in the recently concluded 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s Development Cup held in Kuwait. It is the first tournament of its kind, and team Luxembourg took bronze next to Colombia and Kuwait.

“It’s a unique experience for me, but it was unbelievable. I would do it all over again,” said Habscheid.

She was also awarded the Top Forward and the Best Player of the tournament.

Habscheid says it was her late grandfather and dad who served as her inspiration.

“My dad is always special in my heart as well as my grandpa and they are both pretty competitive and loved the game of hockey, so to get this opportunity to represent where my grandparents came from, it’s special to my heart,” said Habscheid.

Habscheid’s grandparents are originally from Luxembourg and immigrated to Canada after World War II. She said the opportunity to play for Luxembourg started when she became curious about her heritage and visited the country twice.

“The word just kind of got out for Luxembourg hockey that I played, and they kind of pursued me on social media,” said Habscheid.

Grabbing the opportunity meant taking a break from firefighting. She was gone for a total of 10 days, which was willingly covered by her coworkers.

“She ended up getting some firefighters off different shifts that were available to cover and fill in for her positions. And I think the guys were eager to do so, so she can go on her trip and have this opportunity,” said Martin Taylor, Prince Albert firefighter.

When she is not putting out fires, Habscheid is on the ice as the assistant coach of the Prince Albert Northern Bears. Top Stories

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