SASKATOON -- The manager of a Saskatoon restaurant said he is shocked by the racist behaviour of a customer on Wednesday evening.

The incident was captured on video by an employee. The clip shows two men In Mai’s Kitchen yelling racist remarks to staff.

Quang Pham, the manager of the restaurant, said the customers refused to wear masks when not at their table — claiming they had a medical exemption. 

Pham said his restaurant accommodates for mask exemptions through curb-side pickup and delivery.

"I told them if they don’t want to wear a mask, or don’t have a mask, they won’t be able to dine-in and we won’t be serving them," Pham told CTV News.

The video shows one of the customers get up from the table, raise his middle finger to staff and shout.

"You’re the [profanity] who brought the [profanity] disease here," the customer can be heard yelling at staff members before shouting "go back to China."

The man continued to berate staff with profanity as he left the restaurant while another person who was with him appeared to film the incident.

Pham said he’s never experienced that type of hate from customers.

"I was shocked that someone would say things like this in 2021," Pham said.

"I know there’s still some really bad people out there. But from all the love and support we’ve gotten recently, I know it’s just one person."

Other restaurants, including Granada House, have condemned the actions in the video.

Pham said he’s received calls from customers and other businesses showing their solidarity with Mai’s. 

"We even had someone come give us flowers and a teddy bear," Pham told CTV News.

Staff in the video can be heard saying, "Thank you" following the racist remarks.

Pham said he’s contacted police, and is working on filing a formal complaint.