Twenty-one highway segments are currently under water across the province. Six of those segments are closed, including Highway 16, approximately two kilometers east of Radisson.

According to the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, both west and eastbound lanes are under water, but only the east is closed. The 150-meter long segment is currently under roughly 10 inches of water, and only heavy trucks are being allowed through.

There is also water covering the westbound lane, but traffic is still allowed through.

Traffic is being diverted north of Highway 340, east on Highway 40, and south on Highway 12 – in total creating a 88 kilometer detour for drivers.

The ministry is bringing in an aquadam to remove the water. Essentially a long balloon, the aquadam will be placed on the shoulder of the west bound lanes, and the water will be pumped in to it for removal.

A representative from the ministry said that once the water is cleared off, they hope to use the westbound lane to accommodate both directions of traffic.