Mayor Don Atchison gave his tenth annual state of the city address Wednesday.

“Potholes - aren’t we luck if potholes are the worst thing we have in our community. We’re pretty fortunate,” Mayor Atchison said.

Atchison said much has changed in the ten year’s he’s been addressing the city – instead of focusing on crime, the focus today was growth. That includes infrastructure and roads, new bridges and facilities.

“We know economic decisions will be felt this year and in the next ten years or so, and in the next 50 years. So we have to make sure we’re making smart decisions,” the mayor said.

Part of the city’s future plans include revitalizing older neighbourhoods like Pleasanthill, and redesigning parts of north downtown into an innovative space for families.

Despite big plans, Atchison said this doesn’t translate into big tax increases. “If you look at the history, those that have the lowest tax rates have the most successful economies and we want to make sure we stay in that area,” he said.

Moving forward, Atchison said he sees more business and thousands of more families moving to Saskatoon.