Mobile food trucks are a bit hit in North America, they’ve even inspired their own show on the Food Network. But, in Saskatoon, they’re few and far between. However, Thursday the city held an open house to see if that should change.

“You can have a mobile food truck here in Saskatoon. You can have it downtown on any privately owned site, which is zoned for commercial purposes,” Allan Wallace, branch manager of planning and development with the city said.

“Where they’re currently permitted is on the street and in parking stalls,” he said.

This could change. The city is currently looking at relaxing the rules so that food trucks can use the street to sell their mobile menus.

At the open house people expressed their support for the idea.

There’s also support for the trucks from their competition. “Variety is always great. The more services and amenities the downtown can offer, the better. It just helps to create a stronger downtown core,” Greg Clark, general manager of Hudson’s said.Foo