Two houses have been destroyed by fire on the Sweetgrass First Nation. Two fires raged as people in nearby homes were evacuated. Luckily, no one was injured.

The first fire has been smoldering for days, the latest was sparked by a controlled burn. Fire crews say the area is so dry, even a cigarette could spark a new blaze. Besdies the tall, dry brush in the area, there are other challenges. The First Nation has hilly terrain and deep ravines, as well as changing wind patterns. As well, many hones use propane tanks.

Fire crews try to keep an eye on both blazes, but Kevin McEown, from the emergency response team, says resources are limited. "Our crews are pretty much stretched to the maximum right now, and we're cycling them in and out as we're able."

The fire has also closed a portion of Highway 40. Travellers are being advised to use Highway 16.

The Sweetgrass First Nation is about 140 kilometers northwest of Saskatoon and west of the Battlefords.