A Saskatchewan farmer is disappointed and upset after someone trespassed onto her canola field to hunt a moose.

On Wednesday evening, Shantel Bristow and her husband noticed tire tracks about 500 meters into their field, in the Strongfield area near Outlook.

When the couple went to investigate, they found a dead moose that had been skinned.

“I think the big concern is the disrespect of someone driving on our crop. It’s just disregard for our livelihood,” Bristow told CTV News.

Bristow said she is not sure if the moose was part of a legal hunt, or if it’s considered poaching. Regardless, she said she would have appreciated a request to enter her property.

“In the scheme of things, the crop damage is minimal, but it’s just frustrating,” she said.

A conservation officer is investigating the situation.

According to the Ministry of Environment, the incident would be considered poaching, as there was not a moose season open at the time of the incident. It also appears to have taken place at night, which is also an offence.

The offenders could face wildlife charges, the ministry says.

Every year, the public makes more than 1,400 calls to the ministry's tip line.