A mother and son are pushing the province to make changes to the way it compensates injured victims of crime. They say they are frustrated yet encouraged following Friday's meeting with Justice Minister Don Morgan.

Sharlene and Kutler Lange say they were grateful for the meeting with Morgan and the process is slowly moving forward. They are asking the provincial government to compensate innocent crime victims in a manner similar to auto accident victims.

Kutler received a severe brain injury from a beating during a home invasion in the fall of 2003. He's only able to work sporadically and otherwise lives on social assistance. The Langes say had the injury been the result of a car accident, there would be money for loss of income, rehab and other medical expenses.

"This is just a first meeting," says Sharlene. "I hope to get a lot of public support in this because it's a new issue that's been brought to the public and really people don't realize what happens to them when they do become victimized like this."

Morgan says his office will continue to work on this issue with the Langes. "We'll have some staff people look at it to make sure they receive every benefit they possibly can. I have enormous sympathy for this family and Mrs. Lange, she's done what every mother should do for her son."