It's been a busy day for Saskatoon fire crews. They were called out to battle not one, but two major grassfires. One was on the south side of the city, while the other was on Saskatoon's north end.

Trish Postey, a homeowner in the area, says they are all lucky. "If the fire department hadn't got here in time, we could all be up in smoke at this time."

Saskatoon Fire and Protective Services say the first crew was there in three minutes. But this fire was a "wild land fire." It has more challenges, and needs special off-road equipment.

Dan Paulsen, from SFPS, says crews moved as fast as they could. "At the time of their arrival it was well down the bank and out of reach of hose line, and we did have wild land crews on route and they were on scene having control within 13 minutes."

Wild land equipment is stationed at two fire halls, on the west and east sides of the city.

Fire officials are pleased with the response time, and the fact the blaze was under control in an hour, with no structural damage or injuries.

But crews didn't have a chance to rest. Firefighters were called to a grass fire just south of Saskatoon near Valley Road Wednesday afternoon.

Crews responded to the blaze around 2:00 p.m.

Wildland apparatus and off-road equipment was needed to fight the fire.

No buildings were threatened, but the strong wind and muddy conditions made it challenging.