SASKATOON -- Researchers monitoring Saskatoon's wastewater have tracked another weekly increase in the presence of COVID-19.

The University of Saskatchewan researchers found a 127 per cent week-over-week increase in fragments of the virus that causes the illness, according to the team's latest update.

That's according to data based on samples collected up to Sept. 8. All of the viral material found can be linked back to the Delta variant.

It's the third consecutive increase the team has reported, continuing a trend that began in August with a record spike in COVID-19-related material in the city's wastewater.

Because the population is partially vaccinated, the data collected by the team may or not be reflected by an increase in active cases, the update says.

The team found a "sharp" increase in North Battleford's wastewater with a 560 per cent jump and observed a 50 per cent decline in samples from Prince Albert.

The monitoring project recently expanded to include the two additional cities.

The research team shares its data with provincial health officials.

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