The City of Saskatoon’s Emergency Management Organization has activated its heat response strategy in response to Tuesday’s high temperatures.

Cool-down locations have been designated at various locations around the city including the public libraries, The Lighthouse, Salvation Arm, all spray parks and leisure centre lobbies.

This is the first summer the strategy has been in place. It is meant to support citizens, especially those vulnerable to the heat.

The group also warns people of the dangers of swimming in the river.

“The sand bars are ever changing, so we do discourage people from swimming in the river. If you do come out here and frolic on the side, remember that that bottom is changing constantly," Deb Davies told CTV News.

Some chose to head to the river to cool down despite warnings that it is against the law to do so anywhere in the city limits.

Andrew Sproule said he knows about the warnings and realizes when he goes into the river, it’s at his own risk.

"It's just a really low year for the river. I mean I was already a quarter of the way out there and I was sitting on my butt and it was only a foot deep."

The Saskatoon Police Service says officers patrol the riverbank on foot and on bike. Three tickets have been issued for swimming in the river since 2015.