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City of Prince Albert considers raising residential taxes


The Prince Albert City Council has considered raising residential taxes.

On Monday, administration proposed a tax plan that would see the $15 roadways special tax climb to $204.

According to a City of Prince Albert press release, the money would go towards the $4.1 million paving program.

“The proposed increase will fund dedicated resources for the replacement and reconstruction of concrete sidewalks and curbs as part of this program,” the city said in a press release.

The snow management tax would go from $12 to $72, with plans of adding two new positions for roadway crews.

“To support improved snow management response to requests for service and coordination of work,” the city said.

The proposed plan also includes a 2.87 per cent mill rate increase.

The city said the increase would raise the $1.5 million needed to fund the 2023 priorities.

“This amount was down from $3.079 million, which was originally proposed by Administration heading into budget deliberations,” the city said.

The city provided the estimated impact on homes with different assessed values. 

2023 Residential Impact to Properties

Homes with a taxable value of $80,000 would see a 3.26 per cent change, paying $1,565 in taxes for 2022 and $1,616 in 2023. That is a $51.01 increase or $4.25 per month.

Properties with a tax value of $160,000 will pay $2,807 this year, increasing by 2.67 per cent to $2,882 in 2023 or $6.25 per month.

Homes with a tax value of $200,000 will see a 2.54 per cent increase, paying $3,428 in 2022 and $3,515 in 2023, or $7.25 per month.

Properties valued at $280,100 will see a 2.38 per cent increase, paying $4,671 in 2022 and $4,782 in 2023, which works out to $9.26 per month.

Homes with a taxable value of $360,300 will pay $5,915 in 2022 and see a 2.28 per cent increase to $6,050 in 2023 or $11.26 per month.


The city said the additional funds will go towards upcoming projects.

  • $277,300 for three firefighter positions
  • $210,000 accessible outdoor washrooms and warming shelter Little Red River Park
  • $150,000 playground replacement/upgrades
  • $60,000 park pathways
  • $25,000 boat launch River Street East and West

The tax plan requires three readings. Once it’s approved by City Council, Administration will forward a Tax Tools Bylaw for consideration and final approval.

The Bylaw is scheduled for consideration on March 27. Top Stories

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