Snow-clearing crews in Saskatoon have begun grading residential streets.

The city said in a news release roadways crews started grading downtown areas Monday and began work last week in a handful of neighbourhoods — Kensington, Evergreen, Hampton Village, Rosewood and the North Industrial area — where snow had blown in.

The work, which comes as the forecast calls for temperatures near zero, is to prevent snow and ice ruts, according to the city.

“We are trying to get a leg-up on the spring melt,” Brandon Harris, the city’s director of roadways and operations, said in the news release. “With daytime temperatures forecast to stay around zero and overnight lows below freezing this week, it could make for some icy and rutted residential streets.”

Yellow “No Parking” signs will not be used in this instance in order to speed up the process, the city said.

Graders will work around parked vehicles and the snow will remain in parking lanes until it melts.