SASKATOON -- The general manager of the Thirsty Scholar says businesses must show leadership on diverting waste from landfills.

"We will produce a lot more than a standard household obviously," Mark Hauk said.

The Standing Policy Committee of Environment, Utilities and Corporate Services on Monday approved a proposal that would see three bins being used for the Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (ICI) sector: garbage, recycling, and organics.

Businesses would have to educate employees on how to properly store and sort materials, making sure as much waste is diverted from the landfill as possible.

According to the city, the ICI sector is responsible for 68 per cent of all garbage sent to Saskatoon and area landfills. Of that 68 per cent, 45 per cent consists of recyclables and organic materials.

Hauk said they already try to do what they can when it comes to reducing waste and staying green, and says an added step like this could benefit the community.

"You have lettuce that’s kind of starting to turn or anything like that, that goes into the organic bin, that sort of thing. It’s a matter of just training everybody so ‘this doesn’t just head straight into the trash anymore, this goes into that’."

Ward 8 councillor Sarina Gersher said she was happy to see the idea move forward, and that the changes will take some adapting to.

"To be able to provide education and that support needed, I’m looking forward to that"

The proposal requires final approval by City Council.