The mystery continues in the case of Carol King, whose remains were found near Herschel last summer.

Over the weekend, her house started on fire. After staying silent, King's former boyfriend spoke out about the case, saying he had nothing to wiith her death and the strange circumstances surrounding it.

King's ex-boyfriend David Caissie says he was shocked to hear the house they shared was gutted by a fire that police are calling "suspicious."

Caissie says while ownership of the home was in King's name, he invested a lot of work in it. So when they broke up, he put a lien on the home. "We we're living together for four years and when we split up and she was trying to sell it. I was just trying to protect my interest."

It's the third time King's property was hit by fire. A previous home burned to the ground in 2009, and a trailer was burned last year. RCMP are not sure if it's all connected.

Cpl. Rob King, with the RCMP, says the investigation is ongoing. "There were two incidents where Carol was the owner of property that was damaged. Of course, now given this third incident where a piece of her property was lost to fire, those other two are being looked at once again."

Caissie says after King was found dead in August, his lien and the breakup made him appear suspicious to police and King's family. But he says he was working in Alberta when King went missing.

"I guess I was the fall guy, but like I said, I've given the police everything that they have asked of me and I'm still here."

Meanwhile, neither Caissie nor anyone else seems to know anything about a strange monument to King. It was set up a few weeks ago near the spot where King's body was found last summer. Its bizarre message includes the line "don't give him your hate."

Caissie calls the monument an unfortunate blot on King's memory. He says he'll be happy when the unanswered questions around her death are answered.