Aspiring yoga instructors have an opportunity for a unique kind of training.

The Saskatchewan Indigenous Yoga Association combines yoga philosophy and Indigenous culture.

"It's the first time that it's ever been done. So the incorporation of Indigenous ways with traditional yoga ways as well is what makes it unique," instructor Michelle McHenry said.

Those who take part say it's a way to connect with their culture, and bring those teachings back to those in areas that don't have easy access to yoga classes.

Tyson Fetch said he grew up knowing little about his Metis culture or Indigenous relatives. He said this is another step in his journey to embrace his Metis identity.

Indigenous culture and yoga are a good mix, he said.

"We talk about spirit in both and meditation and you know when we fast we go meditating and then we meditate on our mats here."

The involved in the program will all become certified yoga instructors. They say they plan on heading back to their communities to share the benefits with others.