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Witness tells court Sask. man shot and killed with his own gun at a house party


At the Court of Kings Bench in Prince Albert, the court heard how an 18-year-old man was shot and killed with his own gun at a house party in October 2020.

Lynessa Highway, 20, is accused of killing Adam Pelletier and is on trial for manslaughter.

Julianna Young, who witnessed the incident, testified that a small group of people were having drinks at a friend's house around 8 p.m. Young said the group was in the basement laughing and having a good time.

She said around 10 p.m. Pelletier started showing off his gun. According to Young, it was the size of her forearm.

Pelletier’s mom, April Roberts, said she’s confused. As far as she knows, her son didn't have anything with him that night.

"I actually dropped him off, you know that, and he didn't have a bag. I just don't understand why they're not bringing it up,” Roberts told CTV News outside the courthouse.

Young said Pelletier took off the safety and was showing Highway how to use the gun. She told court Highway and Pelletier were arguing but didn't specify why.

She said Highway was holding the gun sideways, and it went off. She heard a loud bang and saw Pelletier had his head down and his eyes shut. At first, they thought he was playing a prank until they saw blood. Young said Highway dropped the gun, began shaking, and then held Pelletier in her arms.

The Prince Albert Police Service were called to the home on the 1700 block of 14th St. West around 1 a.m., where they found Pelletier dead. Police notified his mother the following morning.

"He was my world. I miss him so much," Roberts said.

Roberts left the courtroom in tears after the judge adjourned the trial until spring. Roberts said she wants the trial to be over, so she can find closure and move on.

The next hearing is scheduled for April 6th. Top Stories

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