The wife of a man who was killed during an armed robbery in La Ronge said she’s “just amazed” with how his donated organs are helping others.

Simon Grant’s organs were donated after his death in April. His wife, Cora Laich, received a letter from The Saskatchewan Transplant Program earlier this month that says how his donation is benefiting others.

Laich said the letter brought tears to her eyes.

“It was almost unbelievable to think … Simon’s organs were in other people’s bodies and that they were living on in their bodies,” Laich told CTV Saskatoon.

The letter said Grant’s lungs, liver and kidneys had all been transplanted successfully. The person who received his lungs is doing well and “in awe of the gift,” according to the letter.

His liver was transplanted successfully and two different people are off dialysis and doing well, thanks to his kidneys being donated. One of kidney recipients was almost impossible to match to a donor kidney but that person was a match with Grant. The letter said it may have been the person's one chance for a new kidney.

“That would have been a miracle for Simon to see that happen,” Laich said. “That was really the big thing that hit me that would have been something that would have meant a miracle to him to be able to do that for somebody.”

Grant died in April after an armed robbery at his restaurant, Louisana’s Bar B Que, in La Ronge. He was airlifted to hospital after being found seriously injured and died less than 48 hours later.

Laich and Grant had been together for 18 years and she said he made others feel like the world was a better place.

“When you met him for the first time you would never forget him. His charisma, his personality, his zest for life, it was just so outstanding.”

Four people have been charged in the case. Austin Bird, 18, and two youths are facing second-degree murder charges and another 18-year-old man is facing one count of accessory to murder after the fact.

Laich has attended court when the suspects appeared. She said she plans to be involved in the case because she wants justice to be served, and Grant would have wanted her there.

She said she’s appreciative of the support she’s received from the community of La Ronge and Air Ronge, and is encouraging others to learn more about organ donation in hopes of recruiting more donors in Saskatchewan.