SASKATOON -- A series of videos shared on Facebook captured some tense moments on Friday afternoon inside Saskatoon's downtown CIBC branch.

The sequence of videos captured by a bystander show a man speaking to a security guard inside the bank's vestibule.

The audio isn't clear, but the security guard and a man wearing a dark-coloured parka and a black hat appear to be engaged in a dispute.

In one of the videos, the man can be seen grabbing the handles of a customer's wheelchair.

After the man grabs the handles the security guard can be seen grabbing the man by the collar of his jacket and throwing him to the ground.

The Facebook user who posted the videos said she felt the steps taken by the security guard were excessive.

"He was leaving the building so throwing him down like that was completely unnecessary," the user, Ally Jade said.

The incident prompted an investigation by CIBC.

"Our initial investigation has found that an individual was behaving aggressively and in a threatening manner and our security firm’s guard intervened," Tervit said.

According to the Saskatoon Police Service, it received a call regarding a disturbance at the downtown CIBC branch on 21st Street at around 2 p.m. on Friday.

When officers arrived the man was gone. Police said downtown community support officers assisted the individual.

No charges were laid in connection with the incident.