The Town of Tisdale is retiring its slogan “Land of Rape and Honey”. The decision came at a council meeting on Tuesday evening.

The slogan has long been a point of debate in the town, with stakeholders on both sides debating whether or not it should stay.

The town conducted an official survey over a three month period to determine whether or not it was time for a change. The survey found that 57 per-cent of respondents were in favour of changing the slogan, while 36 per-cent were against.

“This is a good news story for Tisdale,” Mayor Al Jellicoe said in a written release, “Updating our brand with a focus on our current strengths and local capabilities will help us better convey what our community has to offer to residents, visitors, tourists and investors.”

The slogan has made international headlines, but despite how it sounds, its roots are in agriculture. Rapeseed, often called Rape by those in the agricultural community. Rapeseed was one of the town’s first predominate crops. As Canola became more popular in the mid-80s, the demand for Rapeseed dropped. It now accounts for less than 1 per-cent of crops grown in Saskatchewan.

Tisdale has not yet announced what their new slogan will be.