Saskatchewan’s government mostly repeated past promises in its throne speech Tuesday, but the address did include a handful of new commitments and information.

Some highlights of the speech include:

On health:

- The Saskatchewan Health Authority, a consolidation of the province’s 12 health regions, will begin operations in December

- A new organ donation program will be implemented, regulations allowing for donation after cardio-circulatory death will be amended, and a mandatory referral program will be implemented

On education:

- The government will introduce legislation as it continues to push against a Court of Queen's Bench ruling stating the province can't provide Catholic schools funding for students who aren't Catholic

- The province will aim to improve low math scores for Saskatchewan students by expanding math reinforcement and supports and by using common-sense methods proven successful in other regions

- Saskatchewan will allocate close to $45 million for post-secondary programs, skills training and employment initiatives for Indigenous students

On marijuana:

- Legislation to govern the sale and distribution of marijuana will be introduced by the province, as the federal government moves to legalize non-medical marijuana use by July 2018

- The province will continue public consultations on marijuana legalization

On Uber and ride sharing:

- Legislation enabling SGI to offer affordable insurance to drivers working for ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft will be introduced

- The government will urge municipalities to introduce ride sharing and will work with smaller communities to help establish ride sharing

On cyberbullying:

- The Privacy Act will be amended to allow victims of the unauthorized distribution of intimate images to sue for civil compensation

- Victims of “revenge porn” or “sexting” will be allowed to go through small claims court instead of the Court of Queen’s Bench under the amendment

On Crowns:

- Bill 40, a bill allowing the province to sell up to 49 per cent of a Crown corporation, will be repealed

On trade:

- Saskatchewan will consider retaliatory measures in response to Alberta trade practices (Alberta is appealing a recent trade panel ruling that states the province’s small-brewers rebate program discriminates against out-of-province brewers)

- Provincial officials will work alongside other officials in Canada to continue discussing free trade and protectionism as NAFTA — North American Free Trade Agreement — negotiations continue between Canada, U.S.A. and Mexico

On tax:

- The corporate tax rate will return to 12 per cent from 11.5 per cent, a reduction made in July

- Saskatchewan’s small business income threshold will raise to $600,000 from $500,000, starting Jan. 1, 2018

- Saskatchewan will continue to oppose the federal government’s proposed carbon tax and will take legal action if necessary

On industry:

- The government will introduce an incentive for mineral exploration to cover costs of ground-based exploration

On parks:

- A new provincial park will be created in Porcupine Hills, southeast of Hudson Bay