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This Saskatoon man just turned 104 years old and he still likes to boogie


A Saskatoon man is celebrating a remarkable milestone this week as he turns 104 years old. With a life that has spanned over ten decades, Nick Kazuska is still going strong.

When Kazuska is asked if anyone else in his family lived this long, he says no.

“Nobody, I’m the only one left out of 8 siblings,” Kazuska told CTV News.

Kazuska turned 104 on Monday with a celebration with family and friends.

Being born in 1919, he’s seen a lot.

“The technology is something out of this world. Ya, like cell phones, yup,” he said.

He’s had a cell phone and iPad and prides himself in operating them without much help.

“No, I can manage it by myself, but I don’t do any faxing or something like that,” he said.

He’s a talented musician playing the drums, banjo, and the bass.

“I don’t play the melody; I play boogie music,” he explains.

He even still plays with a band from time to time, like at his party on Sunday.

He also fit in a dance with his wife of 66 years, Helen, 95, although there’s some discrepancy among the couple on that number.

Helen has no shortage of compliments for her husband and how good he looks, but she attributes that to her cooking.

“You know why he’s in such good shape? Because I still watch the cooking. I do soups and make home made,” Helen Kazuska says.

Kazuska was a gunner in the Second World War. He still has his service jacket, which he keeps in a closet for safe keeping.

Their son, Patrick is amazed at how well his dad is doing.

“I’ve been so fortunate to have parents that are so healthy and this longevity,” Patrick Kazuska said.

Kazuska has told his son that he hopes to live to 105, but at this rate, he will surpass that.

The 104-year-old doesn’t particularly like the usual question he gets asked: what’s your secret to a long life?

“Lots of people ask me that and I don’t have the answer.”

He jokes that his mom told him when he was about 9-years-old that she couldn’t nurse him as a baby and formula wasn’t an option, so she gave him tea with sugar, so he says maybe that’s the secret. Top Stories

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