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Summer kicks off in Saskatoon with warm weather


The summer of 2024 has officially begun in Saskatoon, arriving a day early on the 20 instead of the 21 due to the leap year.

The weather is starting to warm up just in time for the season, bringing relief to those eager for summer activities.

According to Terri Lang from Environment Canada this year unlike previous ones will see more normal temperatures and a shift away from the overcast, rain, and windy weather of the late spring.

"It's been windy and on the cool side, more of a typical spring into summer than we usually get," Lang told CTV News. "But I think that people have been complaining that there hasn't been enough heat which we haven't seen yet."

As temperatures rise, people are flocking outside to soak up the sun.

Down at Blackstrap Provincial Park, summer attractions are opening and preparing for the influx of summer crowds.

"I'm just ready to get the beach party started," Josh Turner, owner of Little Kahuna's Beach Café said.

"We have so much fun out here. Our staff is absolutely amazing, they're back for their fourth year. Everybody knows their jobs, so we're just ready to have a really good time and show our guests a good time on the beach."

The warming weather is also drawing people to the lakes for water sports.

"We face lots of challenges with variables that we can't control, such as the weather. That's our biggest challenge, so we are hoping for a good summer this year. So far, June has been windy and rainy, but today's looking nice," said Stephanie Baer, owner of Sask. Aquatic Adventures.

Environment Canada reports that El Niño has ended, predicting a milder summer compared to last year, with a greater potential for rain and storms. However, there will still be plenty of sunshine for nature lovers to enjoy. Top Stories

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