SASKATOON -- After 114 days, the Saskatoon Tribal Council’s COVID-19 vaccination clinic closed on Thursday.

“I feel pretty good about it because the feedback we got was tremendous,” said STC Tribal Chief Mark Arcand.

“I'm very proud to say as an Indigenous organization, we've provided a significant health care initiative in the City of Saskatoon.”

Arcand says since opening on April 6, the clinic has administered 28,000 vaccines.

“We served our community and the City of Saskatoon and surrounding areas, and we're happy to be part of a difficult situation, but believe we did something good to support our community in a great way,” he said.

Arcand says as many as 60 staff members a day worked hard to administer as many as 1,000 doses a day.

He says the STC has flipped the script; several organizations take care of Indigenous people, and they’ve helped to take care of everyone else.

“I feel the Saskatoon Tribal Council has gained a lot of credibility during this difficult time, by being a leader in the community, by leading by example, and helping all people,” he said.

“We helped every race, every culture, every identity. I look forward to more of these opportunities to start building success with the community of Saskatoon.”